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In each new release ((Crystal Line)) brings to us classy and exclusive designed jewels. 
The ring I'm wearing is called 'Precious Ring'. It's one of the latest releases from ((Crystal Line)) and it was sold with wedding rings and engagement rings. You can switch the style to wearing only engagement ring or wedding ring, or both just by clicking on it and choosing the desired option with the script. In addition, Wedding rings at ((Crystal Line)) can be customized to reflect the status of your marriage.
My jewels are called Elegant pearl set and they can be worn with formal outfits or if you match it properly they can go well in casual outfits too. 
Elegant Pearl set can be customized in metals, pearls colors or bright. There are four pearl textures to switch via script.

Make a visit to check out more beautiful jewels, nails and other accessories at ((Crystal Line)).


Hair .:EMO-tions:. * WINDBLOWN IV*/darkbrown
Dress Gizza The Runaway Perfetc hunt 4 prize MESH L$ 5 until may 31
Face jewels ~Soedara~ Cihuapilli Face Jewels Gothr on Marketplace
Necklace ((Crystal Line)) Elegance Pearl necklace new
Earrings ((Crystal Line)) Elegance Pearl Accessory new
Bracelets ((Crystal Line)) Elegance Pearl  new
Ring ((Crystal Line)) Precious Ring set new
HandSlink Mesh Hand Elegant 1
Poses [doll.] - store closed e Helamiyo

Place Sinners Heaven

Kisses and stay gorgeous!
Special thanks to Rena Vita.

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