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This is a new post of my series of revisions on mesh bodies currently available on the grid. From what I’ve posted so far, this body from The Shops (TheMeshProject)  is what I like best but like the others they have their pros and cons. Check out the full post. For the record, no promotional copies of these items were provided by the store for this post. I bought the body because I really wanted to get it and write this article. 

No espelho

I was looking forward to this release so I did not complain about paying L$ 2500 for the Deluxe version which includes all new features like appliers for clothes and tattoos, and the alpha HUD which was the most anticipated item. The L$ 2.500 price for Deluxe version was available only in the launching week. Now the price is L$ 5.000.

The new body is available in four versions: The Free version comes just the body + the 36 options of coloring textures with the Stylemode HUD. The beginner Starter version costs L$ 1000 and it accepts appliers for skins, comes with one clothing layer and one tattoo layer without the alpha HUD. The Basic version costs L$ 5.000 and accepts appliers for skins, comes with five hand  models and three feet models. 

In love with TheMeshProject body

The alpha HUD is very good and allows you to hide various parts of the body to facilitate the use of mesh clothing. Fitted mesh clothing items are recommended for use. The fit is better and when the avatar is in a pose or moving around the article won’t enter the body. The adjustment is more precise. Click here to see a screenshot I took of the alpha HUD.


Skin Appliers

Some stores have already stepped forward and launched skin appliers for the body: Modish, Pink Acid and Deetalez are among the pioneers. Deesse's Skins is now also developing appliers. 
The gorgeous skin I'm using is called Nicole and the is one of the most recent release from Modish.

Modish Nicole for TheMeshProject
Clothing Appliers

Also under development. Athor has begun to provide clothes, such as these gorgeous textured sequined shorts that I'm using. Highrize already promised that they will soon have clothes and nails to use with TheMeshProject body. In the TheShops page on the Marketplace already ha some lingerie and outfits.
The textures are very good. From what I saw on launch day, more stores will make an effort to meet the demand that will be pretty huge. 


The body is PERFECT !!!!! The curves are very well done, and the breasts are among the most realistic I've ever seen. I give a 10 to these beloved mesh breasts which are adjusted so perfectly and and are not so easily bugged. Instead of paying almost 2K a breast (Oh if I knew before buying mine ...) recommend to add a little more and buy this body. Worth the value!

By being fitted mesh, it aligns with the skeleton of the avatar so you can shape it the way you want your shape to be, and the body simply gets its form. I had to change my shape a bit, because I like a bit of meat and enhanced breasts. 

O corpo


The price.  For average SL  residents is still expensive. 

Customer service. I understand that this type of store receives many requests of all kinds daily. Not to mention that they're asian and their timezone is complicated. I don’t want to be in the owner’s shoes. The IM would be jumping with so many people wanting information about buying difficulties since the shop system is quite complex, but they leave much to be desired in this regard. The creator is very slow with responding to customer requests, when unresponsive. A friend of mine also bought the body and only had the courage to buy it after being taught by me step by step how to use it. 

The Stylemode HUD* is a pain to use. Sorry for the language but this is my opinion. I have 1TB of memory, core i5 processor (not bad at all) and a 2GB video card and my SL game runs smoothly with high graphics. When used, this HUD is very buggy: it gives much lag, the environmental textures don’t load and it’s blurry. In addition, all skins and makeups that you install on the HUD go to the same place on the HUD, although there is a space for each type of item that you apply. Imagine the suffering for me because I have multiple skins and makeups applied in the HUD when I want to use a particular skin or makeup. I have to go through pages and pages to find what I want.

In the skins and makeups department only the own The Shops items are installed in the correct spots in the hud. With clothes was normal. When I installed them into the HUD they lid in the equivalent clothing spot.

Summary of the work:

Buying a mesh body requires many choices specially if you already own mesh breats and bottoms or Slink hands and feet because this body doesn't work with them. If you buy this body you will be seriously tempted to not to use any other attachment anymore. It's worth it but you must think about it because It's not cheap . My suggestion? Go to store, try the free version and if you like it and you think you must buy it then do it because it's a very good investment but pray for not to need assistance because it's hard and exhausting to get it
TheMeshProject body is very beautiful and natural looking. In my opinion it's worth to buy it from Basic version on.

Men can cross fingers. Male version will be released soon.

Visit The Shops website and check FAQ. It's in English.

* The Stylemode HUD is used to apply skins and makeups on TheMeshProject items.

Enough said. Let's go to credits:

Skin ::Modish:: Nicole skin [Skt 03/ Skt 05/ Skt 07 e Skt 19] -installer *new*
Mesh head #TheMeshProject (BETA) Head(f) - Fierce (Deluxe) by The Shops
Mesh body #TheMeshProject (BETA) Deluxe Body(f)  by The Shops
Body Skin Applier by  ::Modish:: *new*
Eyeshadow MONS / MAKEUP APPLIER HUD (MeshHead) SuperLiner
Eyes {S0NG} :: Lovelee // Mocha Eye
Lashes *MC* "Falsies" Mesh Alpha Lashes with HUD - Pack1 by Mon Chéri
Hair ISON - Bee (darks 03) I bought it at the Hair Fair (not available in astore yet)
Lingerie #TheMeshProject - Boudoir Lingerie (Bleu) by The Shops on @Marketplace
Necklace [SD] Junon Collar - Silver by Skjern Design
Pasties Mad' - LB - Diamonds Pasties [PRESS PACK] - many colors on @Marketplace
Short Athor Shorts black  TheMeshProject *new*
Purse Swallow HandBag fashion - gacha (not available)
Earrings ::Modish:: Accent Earrings Black Classic set
Ring POMPOSITY - Elizabeth Taylor Diamond Ring
Feet #TheMeshProject (BETA) Starter Feet(f) Bare/Low/Mid/High/Ouch!by The Shops
Heels *ATHOR* - Miranda MProject_Black (para o pé ouch!)
Poses (pic 4) *agapee* - gown pose set (HUD)/ (pics 2 and 3 ) {NanTra} Vogue at The Instruments


Vanity set [CIRCA] - "Lady Divine" - Modern Vanity Set *new*
Magazines rack junk. pipe magazine rack. iron.
Bag AF Monogram Luggage Bag
Tea cup .aisling. Bric-a-Brac Desk -Tea - gacha
Poster (pics 2, 3 and4) [LeeZu!] Capital Citys Poster - gacha L$ 25
Skybox Trompe Loeil - The Chatham Loft Skybox Light (old freebie)

Kisses and stay gorgeous!

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