[BANNED] Dea mesh body V2


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This most awaited update of the Dea mesh body from [BANNED] was just released with considerable improvements. It took five months of listening to customers and cooperator's feedbacks to get as close to perfection as possible. It's worth it to check it out.


First improvement: Body shape. The body was completely remodeled and it counts on new rigged. Those who own the old version will notice the differences. Shoulders, breasts, knees, hips and legs gained a new shape which is more harmonious and realistic. the booty shape has also changed. Now it's more rounded. See the body naked in detail by clicking here. The Dea mesh body is fully fitted mesh.

Satrships are meant to fly...
Those who previously bought Dea mesh body V1 will receive the new version for free. The Omega script must be reinstalled to make all the appliers work normally.

The most awaited update: alpha HUD

[BANNED] Dea mesh body HUD

Now it comes with two labels, one for the upper body parts and another for the lower body parts, and it comes with many alpha cuts to allow the usage of a larger amount of mesh clothing types. This is the part of the update that I liked the most because I used to wear mesh clothes, but not so many types. I have more options now. The new HUD is more easy to use and it has a beautiful and simple layout.


Beyond all the improvements I talked about, the body now comes with a separate layer for tattoos. Finally, it will be possible to wear panties and tattoos at the same time.

Dea mesh body V2
My inspiration for today's post was the music video Starships from Nicki Minaj. i'm using the skin and shape from Deesse's inspired by the diva. 

Skin Deesses Boutique: Nicki - skin-base - Cafe Bombon (090) tone *new*
Shape Deesses Boutique: Nicki shape (modifiable)
Mesh body [BANNED] Dea Mesh Body  
Hair TRUTH HAIR Neria -  browns (eu editei)
Lashes Angel Rock Eyelash J curl Fluffy V10  Vegas Show Girl 
Eyes {S0NG} :: Fiori // Black Eye - no evento Kustom9
Bikini Ash's Trash / Starships - @Marketplace **
Water drops Izzie's - Body Waterdrops 
Poses Pic 1 Ma Vie. - Just Stand/Pic 4 Ma Vie. - My own way/ Pic 2 GLITTERATI - Boobtacular - @Marketplace
Tattoo Pic 4 Letis Tattoo :: Inermis Little :: MM13020 :: 

** This bikini comes with appliers for Lolas and phat azz. The azz applier i converted to banned and the Lolas I applied directly. The metal part in first picture was added on photoshop due to poor quality of biquini's metal texture.

Loctions of pictures: Kona Beach and Las Arenas Rosadas
Kisses and stay gorgeous!

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