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I didn't know how to start this post because I don't use to talk about non fashion related subjects but this moment deserved a special attention. Over my almost 4 years of SL I've made some good friends. They are people from several countries whom I like to talk and share experiences with.
The last three weeks have been great. I'm getting close to people that I haven't spoken to in a long time and I'm getting the chance to know more about some amazing people who have always been part of my friends list.

My friend Bardiel is among those people. He is a lovely person with a strong personality and he's a very smart guy as well. We are spending a lot of time together. He's very caring and always helps me find beautiful landscapes for my pictures, windlights and all sort of crazy things that I ask for.
We were talking and enjoying this beautiful scenery at the Alirium land when I remembered that I'd received these wonderful jewels by {me.} Jewelrey so I thought I'd take a picture of them in a different and special way.  I decided to take off my shirt but I was afraid about my friend's reaction. As I'm a drama free person I just said:

[2013/06/05 22:28] Katien09 Erin: don't be scared. It's artistic nudity 
[2013/06/05 22:28] Katien09 Erin: lol
[2013/06/05 22:28] Bardiel: nothing to be afraid of... and i support the arts ;)
[2013/06/05 22:29] Katien09 Erin: hehehehehehehehe

I wasn't expecting that reaction so I burst out laughing. We stood in that place a little longer and we talked about several things.  Time just passed by and he had to go because it was getting late. Some of his words got stuck in my mind...

[2013/06/05 22:52] Bardiel: i wish we could have more time tonight.. but it's getting late here :(
[2013/06/05 22:54] Bardiel: i'm having a delightful time with you Katie!
[2013/06/05 22:54] Katien09 Erin: I appreciate that.

It was a very delightful night. I hope I can enjoy more moments like that with my friend.


Eyes ~Mayfly ~ Deep Sky eyes Honey brown

Hair AD -trouble clef   - dark browns by Analog Dog
Jewels {me.} Nature Wood/ GOLD by {me.} Jewelry new It comes with HUD to change textures of stones
Nails [MANDALA]Option LONG Nails set/Basic skin nails I bought them on Marketplace
Eyes closed Slink Mesh Lids and Lashes
Poses Glitterati - Marketplace

Kisses and stray gorgeous!

Hugs to my friend Bardiel.

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