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The ♔ Mes Brics a Bracs ♔ event has started on June 1 and it will be held until June 30. It's an event where you can find accessories from several nice stores with affordable prices. This is the first edition and it's already a blast. It's worth it to check it out

ASO! is one of the exhibitors and it's selling this beautiful bracelet in twelve color options. It has three types of metal, the texture is highly detailed, and the stone has scripts to change its color.  

For further informations check out Mes Brics a Bracs blog.

The WA Kyouto has also started on June 1 and it will last until June 30. It's an event which has the themes of "WA", "Traditional Japanese Style", and "Kyoto". There are several stores from wonderful japanese designers with super cute items available.

Theses bracelets are sold by ASO! and they have 15 color options. Check them out.

Use the bridge to teleport to the venue where the event is happening. There's a board with several gifts for everyone
New products will be added for sale during the event, and as soon as they're available a notice will be posted on  P&K Project blog.

This is the list of all participant stores...
WA Kyouto

*pulcino*, Sakka's Studio, Poche, ::kDm::, Candynail, ++Twilight++, Chisa Creation, La blanche glycine, ::frog's garden::, *Love Drop*, Mumu's shop R&R, 1mm, +::+natural+::+, **Be Make**, JPK, ASO!, nonino and Zacca.

Presented by Project P&K

Japanese blog

English blog


Flickr group

Mes brics a bracs

Pekka, Mes Sucreries, *Vincue~, FANATIK, - etham -, PIDIDDLE, {Lemon Tea}, CandyDoll, O.M.E.N, Noodles, Remarkable Oblivion, ::{ufo}::, JD - Just Design, :) BBC, Contraption, GlamAffair, Happy Undead, Lark, ASO!, :pesca:, Paper Doll, DeadApples e outros.

Credits of this post:

Hair :::NV AFRO FUNKY SMALL SHILOH JUN - I bought it on Marketplace
Face tattoo .mala. - One night in India Group gift free
Necklace and earring ::Miss Lt creations studio Celtic mesh set new
Bracelet pics 1 and 2 (Available at the Mes Brics a Bracs event) L$ 99 each color
Bracelet pic 3 ASO! Kyoto Chirimen Wishlet (available at the WA Kyouto) L$ 55 each color

Kisses and stay gorgeous!

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