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Featuring ARTIZANA Ethnic Fashion and ((Crystal Line))

From September 29th to october 5th, AVENUE presents de AVENUE Autumn/Winter 2013 Fashion Week 2013, the second edition of the bi-annual Fashion Week in SL. This year more than 50 designers will present their creations, and among them, ARTIZANA, who specializes in ethnic fashions.


Dainie, the designer and owner of Artizana, started a game on Facebook that every one of her bloggers should comment on one of her publications. Each of them that comented on that post had their names arranged in the colors of some outfits from the new collection. This was the color that took my name. I was so much happy!


I asked to a friend what the second picture of this post tells him when hee sees it. His answer translated all my feelings when I took the picture.

Bardiel: to me, it says that you're someone who feels at home with flowers around you, as if you are one with nature  :)
Bardiel: it has a carefree feeling of freedom.

I really did love the outfit and the color. It's classy and vibrant.


To complement this composition, I'm using this very beautiful set of jewelry that was recently launched by ((Crystal Line)). It comes with a HUD for complete customization of color, stones and metals.

For more informations about AVENUE Autumn/Winter Fashion Week 2013 check out:

AVENUE A/W Fashion Week Flickr Group 

AVENUE Facebook 
Eyes Mayfly - Liquid Light Eyes (Medium Onyx)
Hair [iruco] hair25M(black)
Hair flower *BOOM* By any other name. (Red) - The Seasons story
Jewels ((Crystal Line)) Metal Bulletin Accessory set(wear) *new*
Teeth [PXL] OpenMouth Pro v2.0 [Wear ME]
Outfit :: ARTIZANA :: DUGUJE (katien) - Avenue Fashion Week
Hands Slink Mesh Hand Elegant 1
Ring {me.} Ops Rings (wear)
Poses Behaviorbody
Pictures 1 and 2 Natural Wilderness
Pictures 3 and 4  Celestial Realm 

Kisses and stay gorgeous!
Special thanks to Dainie Fraina. I just loved it!

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