LOTD Halloween #5 - Slender Man


You still have no clue about what outfit you should wear to go to that Halloween party?
Here is a nice suggestion of a male outfit for Halloween. The full avatar can be found on marketplace and inworld
. Check it out!


Guess who was taking pictures right close to me? Strawberry Singh and ManBerry, the ones and only. I couldn't resist and I took a snapshot of her who gave me permisson to publish her picture here and on flickr. Infos about her styling credits can be seen soon on her blog http://strawberrysingh.com/



Full mesh Slender Man avatar etam - Slender Man Mesh Avatar @Marketplace

Location: Chakryn Forest
Kisses and get spooky!

Special thanks to my friend Bardiel, the spooky model in this picture...LOL

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