The Arcade Photography Contest - #2


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As I still have time, here goes another picture for Arcade Photo Contest.


I like to play with windlights so I couldn't make up my mind about what picture post in the contest.

A equilibrista

I also explored another angle...

I'm using:

Skin [theSkinnery] Chloe 5 (toffee) RARE
Arm unicorn Birdy - [Alchemy] Story Book - Unicorn - Rainbow - RARE
Flying unicorn Birdy - [Alchemy] Story Book - Pegasus - Prism
Ladybug fairy !Ohmai: Lady Bug Fairy [Companion]
Flower fairy !Ohmai: Dandelion Fairy [Companion]
Hair TRUTH HAIR Sakura 1 Side [Light Browns / Red Bears]
Ballet slippers (on shoulders) ::{u.f.o}::Swan Lake, Act1 - practice toeshoes pink
Dress ::{u.f.o}::Swan Lake, Act1 - pink - m
Unicicle {what next} Black Unicycle & Umbrella (boxed) RARE

Location: Bubblez

It lasts only 4 days to Arcade Gacha Events. ends. You still have time to go there and try luck in gachas. I'm very happy with all things I got in this round.

Kisses and keep gorgeous!

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