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Que Belleza
Belleza Venus mesh body 

Many people were waiting for updates for the bodies from Belleza. No one expected that it would be such a big surprise. Instead, there are now 3 body types to please the taste of many women. Along with Venus, we now have Isis and Freya, for those who enjoy curvier shapes.
Freya_Belleza body update
Belleza Freya mesh body

Much has changed in this update. In addition to the two new shapes, (Isis and Freya) there were improvements in the Venus body shape that was previously released. New bodies gained much more beautiful shapes, new skin textures, new nail shapes, a ”texture refresh" button to reload the textures, an "alpha auto-hide" option for designers to add to their creations, additional alpha cuts, gloves and socks in all layers of clothing, blending options/masks for clothes appliers and color picker for you to adjust the tone of your skin. I used the color picker with the skins that were not of Belleza, and found this option very easy to use. Appliers were not needed for my skin.

Isis_Belleza body update
Belleza Isis mesh body
What you need to know about the new HUD:

There are 5 tabs: First you find everything related to skin adjustment. You have several options for nipples, and you can disable them if you like. There are also a trim option for the breasts, to leave them natural, move them closer together, or create a push up effect. It comes with predefined Belleza skin tones, and effects/materials for the skins. It has a really cool option that you can use when applying skins of other brands with the Belleza body. In the HUD there is room for up to 7 different skins to be saved, and you can easily access your saved favorites when needed.

The second tab of the HUD has the alpha options. It has a variety of cuts that lets you use many different types of mesh clothes, plus the option to save your favorites. The third tab of the HUD has settings for the hands and feet. This part is perfect; There are 15 poses for the hands and it comes with a card of nail colors plus spaces to save your favorite nail polishes, and change the size of the nails and toes. The fourth tab has options for clothing layers and tattoos.

My opinions on the body: 

What pleased me beyond the body’s shape itself was the butt. It is very beautiful and has a natural fit.

The body HUD is very easy to use!!! 

I had a little trouble with adjusting the skin of my neck using the omega appliers. With the Belleza skins all was ok, but with the other skins I used the color picker sliders on the HUD to get the perfect color. 

It’s very much worth buying because Belleza is already a widely supported product in SL. There are a huge range of skins shops, clothes and shoes that produce compatible items. 

When using clothing appliers, the textures were not distorted. This is a very positive point with that body. 

The hair used in this post are part of releases of “Hair Fair 2015” which began on Saturday, 07/11/15 and runs until 07/26/2015.

For more infos about the amazing visit Belleza website.


Body Belleza Freya mesh body
Skin -Belleza- Suki Makeup 5 - gacha
Shape ..: SAAL Body Inc :.. Female Shape YOKO by SaalStore Resident
Earrings SIGMA Jewels/ Japan fan earrings LLJH (#14)
Hair ICONIC-KALYA - available at the Hair Fair 2015 (Redhead SIM)
Lingerie Big Beautiful Doll - POISON Lingerie Set - Black @Marketplace
Ring Project K_Antique Onix Ring *FREE GIFT*  L$1 on @Marketplace
Scarpin .:KC:. MILANO Heels also on @Marketplace


Body Belleza Freya mesh body V2
Skin *YS&YS* - Viola Skin Tone 05 (Blogger pack)
Hair Unorthodox Fantasy  Hair - available at the Hair Fair 2015 (Redhead SIM)
Big Beautiful Doll - MEREDITH Lingerie Set - White - @Marketplace
Jewels A&Ana F.J.  Forever Wilde
Scarpin .:KC:. CLEO Heels - also on @Marketplace


Body Belleza Freya mesh body
Skin Lara Hurley-Ivy Dark Tan 
Hair [RA] Waterfall Hair by Runaway - available at the Hair Fair 2015 (Brunette SIM)
Lingerie Big Beautiful Doll - RAQUEL Lingerie Set - White @Marketplace
Scarpin .:KC:. CLEO Heels - also on @Marketplace


Skybox  junk. attic skybox. RARE - gacha
Lamp *YS&YS* Essential Black Lamp - gacha
Frame *YS&YS* - Essential Cat Picture 01 - gacha
Makeup set -tres blah- Jolie - Makeup Bag RARE - gacha
Couch HIDEKI - Classical Couch - gacha

Kisses and stay gorgeous!

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