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The event called “ The Mesh Body Addicts Fair ” - specialized in articles made exclusively for mesh bodies - it started two weeks ago and amongst the amazing releases available you can find the Tonic - Natural Beauty Mesh Body. 

This body is fitted mesh and is very curvy, (I can call your attention to the pretty well shaped breasts) and it's quite easy to use: It comes with its own hands and feet, it's not compatible with slink hands and feet, and it comes with omega enabled so you can use any Omega appliers you currently have in your inventory. No need to use a relay HUD. Tops and skirts which come with Lolas appliers can also be used directly.


The body's hands come in a relaxed pose and there are 2 nail sizes available. Feet has 3 types of shapes: flat, mid and high and they are compatible with any  slink shoes so there's no need to get rid of your beloved shoes.

The breasts have a busty breast so they won't go well in mesh tops, specially if it's fitted. The lower body part goes very well with mesh pants, skirts and shorts - especially if it's fitted. I tried the Zaara Goa party pants from Arcade gacha june round and I love the result.


Outfit saver option. 

It includes 2 types of outfit savers for you to save those favorite looks in your Tonic body HUD : A single outfit version and a 4 outfits version. They're very easy to use: You just have to click on the body outline that appears and a dialog box will ask you what to do. Don't forget to make copies of it in your inventory. You can save as many outfits as you want!!!

You can also drag the outfit saver to the floor and rename it. You just have to click in any part of the HUD that is not where the body outline is displayed and it will ask for the new name. After renaming it, you can take it back.

The HUD:

The HUD has a self-explanatory design, with 4 tabs. The first tab is "layers" to enable and disable clothes and tattoos. The 2nd is “alpha” to hide and show body parts, allowing you to wear mesh clothing. The 3rd tab "Skin" comes with a skin palette with 10 presets and a color picker to help you adjust the skin tone if you have no Omega skin applier. In this same tab you can adjust the neck thickness, skin glow and nipple shape. You can also fix the neck seam. The 4th tab is the nail polish palette, it comes with 12 glow colors and 8 french polishes.

What I liked most about this body is how the forms are harmonious. The breasts have a realistic and natural look and you can also chose the best nipple shape to wear. (See the gif). I especialy liked the fact that it comes with the Omega script active. We save money and time when dressing it.

Click here to see a detailed (uncensored!) picture of the Tonic body.

For a while, the body can be purchased exclusively during The Mesh Body Addicts Fair, at the anyBODY event and at The BODY MESH Mall.. Don't  forget to visit the event and try a demo of this amazing body. I highly recommend it! You can find more products from Tonic in her  @Marketplace store.


Body Tonic - Natural Beauty Mesh Body v1.02 (WEAR) *NEW* at The Mesh Body Addicts Fair 
Skin *League* Skin Aria Walnut -Natural
Face tattoo .ARISE. Bedu Facetattoo (tintable)

Body tattoo [White~Widow] Steppin' - Madpea games
Hair TRUTH HAIR Ishya -  browns 
Head jewels Kibitz - Alicia headdress - gold gacha
Earrings .random.Matter. - Drusilla Earrings - Gold
Harness Kibitz - Alicia bodychain - {M} - gold RARE gacha
Pasties Luas Vega Common - Harness + Pasties Golden gacha
Poses GLITTERATI - Boobtacular (pic 1)/ABS for Winter Fair - Sitting 04 (pic 2)/  Ma Vie. - Just Stand (pic 3) 

Location: Isle of Valesk

Kisses and stay gorgeous!

Special thanks to Fizz Savira who made this post possible.

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